Three Campaigns ... Three Success Stories!
Even with the most cutting-edge creativity, Direct Marketing success is measured by RESULTS.

During my 11+ years as a copywriter, I've had the privilege of contributing to dozens of winning campaigns -- three of which are described below.

British Telecom Customer Mailing
This kit utilized BT's own database to create a relationship-marketing program in which eleven million customers were mailed a Direct Marketing kit -- personalized for them based on their individual calling patterns.

RESULTS: 30%+ response rate!
Day-Timers Acquisition
Historically, Day-Timers focused on how their planners could help career-driven individuals (mostly male) climb the corporate ladder.

However, when the success-driven 1980s yielded to the time-starved 1990s, Day-Timers needed to change the way their product was portrayed. Accordingly, this kit targeted the Day-Timer system to a new generation of consumers -- especially, women.

RESULTS: 30% higher than the client's previous control!
 MCI Proof Positive B2B Customer Communications
The hallmark of this kit was that it showed customers their personalized savings compared to AT&T ... and credited customers when their current plan cost more than MCI's best rate.

RESULTS: 13% growth / 25% reduction in churn!

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