Three Of My Most Whimsical Campaigns Postcard
(TOP) -- offers embroidered baby clothing and accessories personalized especially for your favorite bundle of joy. And this precious little postcard helped spread the word to new and expectant parents. The copy reads as follows:

"Patty cake, patty cake, baker's man, choose a cute gift as fast as you can. We'll sew it, stitch it, personalize it, too! A truly special gift for one so dear to you!"
"Like Bees to Honey" Print Ad
"Gorgo The Terrible" Movie Screen Ad
 Only The Good Die Young ...
The road to copywriting hell is paved with good creativity that, for one reason or another, never sees the light of day. Here are two such campaigns:

(LEFT) -- AdOne's Abracat service enabled consumers to find jobs, cars, homes, and more locally on the World Wide Web. Although this print ad suffered a "stinging" defeat shortly before it was scheduled to run, it showcases my ability to approach highly technical subjects in a fun, engaging manner.

(RIGHT) -- This in-theater campaign was created to promote a free movie ticket offer from Movies Unlimited. (Since Godzilla's agent wasn't cooperating, we had to settle for Gorgo.) Alas, this campaign was also "crushed" at the last minute. But I've included it here, because it demonstrates my creativity and my ability to think "outside the box."