Refrigerator Material Customer Newsletter (Print and Web)
(TOP) -- My mandate was to create engaging, relevant content that focused almost exclusively on insurance-related topics. Impossible, you say? Not really.

As the above comp shows, I achieved this goal by foregoing much of the dry language that has traditionally defined the insurance industry, and by introducing story ideas that would grab the interest of my target audience: high-tech companies. The results: a hard-hitting, informative publication!
Devon Direct Euro RSCG "Be First" Campaign (Web)
BT Cellnet Quarterly Customer Communications Campaign (Direct Mail)
 A Tale Of Two "Firsts"
(LEFT) -- To commemorate the beginning of the new millennium, Devon Direct Euro RSCG sent four employees to the top of Mt. Hakepa on Pitt Island (just outside New Zealand). At dawn on January 1, 2000 they created 1,000 natural light photographic exposures of the words "Be First" -- capturing forever this historical moment.

As part of the project's "base camp" back home, I played a key role in creating content for the First Light Web Site, which featured profiles of the expedition team, as well as a journal where the team shared its story.

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(RIGHT) -- The "First" program was one of the most personalized direct mail efforts ever undertaken by BT Cellnet, a prominent UK cellular phone company. Although the creative executions varied each quarter, one element remained consistent -- the First in Fairness Check Up. This Check Up served as both a highly customized savings update and recommender, based upon transactional data from each customer's record.

The results were remarkable. "Cellnet First" had an average response rate exceeding 30% ... and in less than one year, the company jumped from 4th to 2nd in the market.